UCD Crest

PRO: Emily

c$o$l£$mnice c$o$l$m$nasty

Having snapped, instagrammed, and facebooked our club through the entire year last year, Emily decided she wasn’t ready to hand over the hashtagging to someone else, and returned to us as this year’s PRO. Armed with her phone, you’ll see her stalking around training taking cute candids of our members both on and off the trampolines, along with enough selfies to keep the club snapchat story running for the next 3 years #FiltersGalore.
As a final year physio, Emily also spends quite a bit of our training time checking out people's backs, knees and other body parts, as well as taping up half the club with kinesiology tape. It’s an art form as she says herself.
To be fair to her, the club’s social media has never been going better, and the likes are climbing by the day. She’s doing her part to make sure we #GetMotivated and get our daily #hashtag dosage.

Emily wanted to be on this year’s committee again with the same role as PRO, just to ensure adequate hashtags were used on the club Facebook and Instagram posts and no one else was taking that hashtag title from her. It would’ve taken a brave person to try and pry those passwords off her.
Some say the stereotype for the standard white-girl was formed off of Emily, others just say she’s a pioneer in the industry. All we know is her blood is 80% frappuccinos and she takes 5 times more selfies than was thought to be humanly possible (no seriously, snapchat are doing a documentary on her).
Coming in as a younger sibling of an older member, Emily has done well to not ride on her coattails and make a name for herself. Unfortunately, this image contained more blubbering and snorting than we expected.


Alias: “The other one”
Level: Intervanced
Favourite move: Airplane to screams
Fun fact: Hasn’t cried yet this year (goals)
Course: Final year physio