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Year plan

Hey Guys, Colm here, so this table below is that plan for the next year so you know what's happening and when. (keep in mind the plan is subject to change as the year progresses.)

If you're here to help us find our way out of the dungeon, you should remember that the easiest way to get high on a trampoline is to keep pressing the up button, the quicker you press it the higher you'll get. Go back and try it!

A quick rundown so you know what you’re looking at. If I havent failed you already, you should be able to recognise the time periods and and weeks. Note also that time moves in a linear fashion.
The 2 letter codes mark key events you should be aware of.

The purple is the fun bit. This is the strength training phase which is code for YOUR PERSONAL TIME. Nicole and I will be expecting you to put in some effort on your own part. The training itself is simple. In the Strength Training and Fittness section there are plans we’ve prepared for you. They only take 10 minutes, 2-3 times a week. Thats just a half an hour per week, practically nothing, 0.3% of your week. This will help you improve massively for such little effort. X’s mark tests on your fitness, flexibility and strength so if you’re not training its gunna show!!!

The last thing are the Mock Competitions. These are going to be run at squad 3 weeks up to competitions (mainly the big four). This will get you into the competition mindset so you will be less nervous in the real thing. These will be as close to real competitions as we can make them, so i’m talking leos, judging, running orders, dick superiors and so on.

I think the rest of the table is pretty straight forward. Any questions don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Download the doc

Personal diaries

This is an odd one. I think it might benefit you to keep a diary. Nothing serious, but a small note book. You might put your goals in it, mark the first time you got a move, note the scores for routines you’re getting at squad. Note how often you do the training sheet, and how hard it was. Have future routines you’d like to try. It really helps when you can see your progress. You don’t have to do this one but it would be good for your mind.

Drill sheets

Novice Drill Sheet
Intermediate Drill Sheet
Intervanced Drill Sheet
Advanced Drill Sheet
Elite Drill Sheet

Strength Training and Fitness

These sheets are trampoline specific. They were given to me by Trish New from Cobra Gymnastics who is Dylan's Coach (best trampolinist in Ireland…….) They are for 10-12 year olds but they are really tough.
In each there are 6 boxes, pick one exercise from each, and do them. The next day pick a different 6. Try and change it up and that’s it. Easy, right?
I’d recommend starting off on the first sheet. If it’s easy do it once a day. Still too easy? Do the level 2 sheet and so on and so forth. I trust you all to make a good effort.
For this I’d recommend the following schedule.


Something like that. You don’t have to but that’d be good.
Sheet 1
Level 1 Training Sheet
Sheet 2
Level 2 Training Sheet
Sheet 3
Level 3 Training Sheet

If you have more free time that you want to spend on trampolining then you can go to the gym. Squats, lunges, leg press, and power shrugs are only a few of the many exercises that can help you as a trampolinist. If you are a bit cautious about that drop myself or Nicole an Email and we’d be happy to make you out a plan for the gym. we can come with you and show you how to get started or if not you have group members for gym buddies…...or lone wolf, whatever. If there is a specific part you want to work on like you want big arms let us know how it will help with trampolining and we will help. it could be as simple as helping you be more confident in a leo.

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