UCD Crest

UCD Trampoline Club

PLEASE NOTE: We only cater for students, staff or alumni of UCD. If you do not fit the criteria please see the SuperSonic Trampoline Club section below.

Email the committee: trampoline@ucd.ie
Call our secretary, Keith: 083 851 7158
Snail mail: Box 71, Student Forum, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UCDTC
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ucdtrampoline
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ucdtramp
Instagram: https://instagram.com/ucdtrampoline
Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/ucdtc

SuperSonic Trampoline Club

Not a student of UCD? Looking for a chance to introduce your kids to trampolining? Contact Supersonic! They're the permanent version of the well known ICARUS trampoline summer camp.
Classes for all levels and abilities, from toddlers to adults.

Email: SuperSonicTC@gmail.com
Phone: 086 892 7386
Website: http://supersonictc.wordpress.com/

Gymnastics Organisations

Gymnastics Ireland

Gymnastics Ireland, through all its disciplines, promotes and develops recreational and competitive gymnastics and trampolining to the highest level.

British Gymnastics

British Gymnastics are the Irish Gymnastics equivalent across the water. They were the people to talk to about coaching courses, with Irish Gymnastics recently taking over that role.

Irish Student Clubs

DCU Trampoline Club

As the year goes on, you'll get to know this crowd a bit more. Generally they're happy to have us out training, which can be fun because they have gymnastics stuff too!

TCD Trampoline Club

A nice bunch really. Although they are supposed to be our enemies. When colours comes around, we'll show them who's boss. Training in Trinity is a bit of a no no, 'cos their college is a very finnickedy about student cards.

Maynooth Trampoline Club

Maynooth have an active club with a splendid website.

UCC Trampoline Club

You can't miss UCC in their red jackets.

UL Trampoline Club

They're in limerick you know...

QUB Trampoline Club

Queen's University Belfast. Fantastic club, fantastic city!

Other Info

Irish Student Trampolining Open

The biggest and best competition of the year. Held in an Irish university, this is a weekend not to be missed. You'll find all the news and information about the competition on their gorgeous website.


These guys provide us with our gravity defying beds. Based in Germany, they are the best you can get. Olympics standard!