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Purple starPurple starPurple star Freshers Night is Nigh! Purple starPurple starPurple star Tue 3rd Oct by nicole

Predrinks kick off tomorrow at 8pm in the Red Room with all the usual craic of games, free drink, and pizza. Then we're off to Dtwos with free entry and our own VIP area to bop the night away! I hope you're all as excited as I am 😏


Varsities 2016! Tue 22nd Nov by Jason

Big congratulations to everyone who competed at the weekend, helping to bring home the shield for a sixth time in a row!! #Sixpeat #SixualHealing The medalists were:

Novice ladies: 3rd - Rebecca Finlay

Intermediate ladies: 1st - Cecilia Saba

Intervanced Men: 3rd Michael McNamara

Intervanced Ladies: 3rd - Aideen O Dowd (the birthday girl!)

Advanced Men: 3rd - Robin Twist

Elite Men: 2nd - Dwayne McCaffrey

3rd - Dylan Boon (and an elite debut!)

Elite Ladies: 2nd - Marianne Quirke Bolt (she'll always be one of us ❤️)

Teams: 1st - Team A - Cecilia, Dwayne, Colm, Nicole

2nd - Team B - Rebecca Finlay, Paul Clarke, Dylan Boon & Aideen O Dowd

Synchro: 1st Higher Synchro: Jack Davis (UCC) & Colm Galligan

Tumbling: Level 1: 2nd - Robin Twist

Big up to Heather and all the committee for organizing our end, and to UCC for putting it all together. Great work guys!

In House! Thu 10th Nov by Paul

New Committee Fri 11th Nov by Paul

Congratulations to our lovely new committee who were elected at the AGM last night!

Captain: Colm Galligan
Treasurer: Rebecca Dwyer
Secretary: Michael McNamara
Head Coach: David Glasgow
Assistant Head Coach: Paul Clarke
Comps: Heather O'Connor
PRO: #Emily #Farrell
Ents: Keith Fay
Webmaster: Jason Nertney

We can't wait to see what great work you do next year! Commiserations to the other candidates, there wasn't one of you not suitable for the position but unfortunately not everyone could do it but there's always next year! So congratulations again to the new committee and good luck for the following year!

Dublin Open Results! Thu 10th Nov by Paul

A big congratulations to everyone who competed at the Dublin Open last weekend! It was a great competition with some great results, and here are UCD's medal winners:

Novice Ladies: Hannah Gibney, 2nd place

Intervanced Men: John Byrne, 1st place

Intervanced Ladies: Fiona Browne, 2nd place

Advanced Men: Dylan Boon, 1st place Robin Twist, 2nd place

Advanced Ladies: Nicole Tianihad, 2nd place

Elite Men: Dwayne McCaffrey, 1st place Jordan Dockery, 3rd place

Elite Ladies: Marianne Quirke Bolt, 2nd place Sarah Shanahan, 3rd place

Lower Synchro: Hannah Gibney & Áine Clerkin, 2nd place

Higher Synchro: Cian Lawlor & Dwayne McCaffrey, 2nd place Cian Lawlor & Colm Galligan, 3rd place

A big well done to Trinity College Dublin Trampoline Club for winning the Dublin Open Shield!

Also a massive thank you to our comps officer Marianne Quirke Bolt for organising the competition, it couldn't have run any smoother! And to Rosie Boland and Fiona Browne for organising the evening's entertainment that was the Bouncy Ball, it was an absolutely fabulous night!

Training Times

Tuesday 8pm - 10pm
Thursday 5pm - 7pm

Tuesday 9am - 11am
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Trainings take place in UCD's Sport Centre

Upcoming events

5th - 8th ISTO

Any questions or suggestions,
talk to Keith.


Hello there and welcome to the UCD Trampoline club website!
Before we begin I'd like to addresss a few FAQs:
No, we don't just jump up and down on a trampoline.
Yes, you can join with no experience.
No, no you don't have to wear tight lycra (but it helps)
Yes, this is a real sport. It's been in the Olympics since Sydney 2000.
No, you can't "do a flip" until you've worked up to the skill.
Yes, it's only €15 for a whole years membership!

Since the dawn of time man has looked 👀 to the sky ⛅, at the birds 🐋 and the bees 🐝 and the pterodactyls 🐉, with one dream; to fly 🚀. Here in the UCD Trampoline club, we help you fly up... and back down again and back up in a repeated fashion, usually wearing some kind of lycra with white socks on the most beautifully pointed toes, all this fuelled by your own massive muscles! YEEEAAHHH!

Trampolining is a unique sport that combines cardio, co-ordination, core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina and wait for it, you won't believe this one; it's fun The best smiley ever. With 6 olympic standard trampolines and experienced coaches available for one on one coaching at every training session, the odds are definitely in your favour.

What do you want in a sports club?
  • Regular training times like every Tuesday 8-10 and Thursdays 5-7?
  • A club unaffected by the weather? Indoors!
  • A chance to talk to some people? What else would you be doing when you're waiting for your turn!
  • A club with a formidable background? UCD Club of the year 2011, 2017 and Intervarsities winners the last 6 years running!

If you're here looking at the website, you're obviously interested. You'll go far my friend 👣. Take a look around the site, we're quite proud of it. You'll find details on the history of the club, pictures and reports from our (many) trips away on the Events page, our coaches and committee on the About page and games and videos and everything else on the EE page. It's all just a click away...

Yours with reckless abandon,
Your Captain

Note from the Webmaster

WELCOME! I hope you like the site. If you don't, Paul will weep a Mississippi of tears ...

Naturally for the best experience you should probably use Google Chrome as your browser but come on, who doesn't these days eh?!

If you have any feedback, suggestions, secrets, adoration or ideas, head over to the 404 Forum and we'll see what we can do.

Yours exclusively,

(and Paul)

(and Jason, for copying this welcome verbatim)

History of the club

The UCD Trampoline Club was set up by Andrew Cahill in the 1980's; the era of the A-Team, Gummi Bears, Air Wolf, Jem, Teddy Ruxpin, Brave Star and the Samurai Pizza Cats. The club is equally as cool as any of these things.