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Did you spot something wrong with the website? Post below to make a suggestion or correction and it will go right to the webmaster.

Here's some atmospheric music to add to the mystic. Bonus points if you recognise it.

    Emoji in the people category failed to load...
    Emoji in the nature category failed to load...
    Emoji in the food_drink category failed to load...
    Emoji in the celebration category failed to load...
    Emoji in the activity category failed to load...
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    Emoji in the objects_symbols category failed to load...
  • smile
  • biggrin
  • lol
  • mrgreen
  • wink
  • cool
  • razzle dazzle alt
  • razzle dazzle old
  • razzle dazzle
  • eek
  • rolleyes
  • redface
  • surprised
  • neutral
  • confused
  • frown
  • sad
  • cry
  • mad
  • evil
  • absolutely bleedin twisted
  • a boy who's sad because he has red hair
  • camera
  • arrow
  • question
  • exclaim
  • idea
  • The best smiley ever
  • Purple smile
  • Purple biggrin
  • Purple razz
  • Purple evil
  • Purple neutral
  • Purple eh
  • Purple confused
  • Purple sad
  • Purple surprised
  • Purple mad
  • Purple heart
  • Purple star
  • The best smiley ever in purple
  • Flappers
  • Me
  • Bosco
  • Ofrog
  • Ofox
  • Cake
  • Tim
  • Hearttim
  • Why dont you love us vincent
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiilarious

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wtf is this? 😂lol just clicked a hiding snail I'm so confused
Dis is a special place for webmaster problems
Finally figured out why the forum was taking up a fuck tonne of CPU at all times. Turns out the onload in the footer image was updating the footer, thus triggering another onload, and another footer, on loop forever. I made an ugly to fix it.
Ooops! Apologies to everyone's battery
Fixed the emoji picker for when you're editing a forum post. That's probably been broken for awhile, sorry.

Added the wholly wonderful feature that textareas will expand while writing in them. Also sorry that that wasn't a thing before
Now pressing Ctrl+Enter will submit a post
News page getting some. Gallery image fixes.
F☘r th☘se of you who check in here, yeah I fucked with the o's. Some are gone, some arent, who knows which o's are safe 🖒. Updated the forum so that 100% of the time you WILL actually see new punishment photos every time*. Also got rid of that hella annoying "Scroll to post" notification box forum thing, hallajahyouyah! Did some behind the scenes clean up which should (might) make things easier for future webmasters which cost you bytes.

I also signed up for the free trial of Google Music and Youtube Red today. It's sick! Highly recommend!!

*Disclaimer: Until they run out 💩
Snaps for Paul!!
When you click on a link e.g www.projectfundirection.com it brings you to the website 404 page and you have to delete "www.ucdtramp.com" before it to go to the page....
Mmm that's weird isn't it
TODO/ Note to self: Happens because of base meta tag. Only cause url hasn't got a protocol. Need to update the regular expression in url2link to manually account for it.
In other words Roise, you're missing the http:// and thats not okay
Thanks Paul! 😃
It still says Ryan is Head Coach on the fitness page
If you can code it i think the snow should stick for longer and fill the site if you don't touch it and when you move your mouse it gets rid of where it is and then melts

Also Aidan suggests that this should be called the 404rum,40forum
I think it needs to be purple again
I could try make that happen except exams :P

404rum, i like that.

I'll work on making it more purple 👍
Getting closer! Clue #2 Orla has very pointy toes. Some say it is the source of all her powers. Some say her powers can control or command you

PS. Internet Explorer.... lol

PPS. Mobile users... get yourselves on a computer
Hey so I posted on the forum and instead of the nice bouncy man on a trampoline I got a picture of someone...Turns out that picture and the normal and purple bouncing smileys all have the same code Me <--See
The best smiley ever The best smiley ever in purple
Yeah i dunno who he is but the idea was they're "exclusive" and you have to know the code. Couldn't be giving away site secrets too easily
:the best smiley ever:
I'm assuming he made the original site, or was just one of those good webmasters that tunr up every so often
Dammit :thebestsmileyever: or :The best smiley ever:
I give up
Hey Paul, when on the forum page there's links to click on to go to posts down the page. The problem is that they take over the screen on the iPhone and you can't really click anything only them and they won't go away. I would screenshot it and post it here but there's also no way to do that from iPhone. Sorry 😁 😅
2 solutions: Refresh the page and/or go on the forum more often. They're supposed to go away when the post scrolls into view.

I have code in there to limit it to 6 in that box but haven't tested it.
I also have code sitting about the upload stuff to the forum but we'll get to that.
Damn, this isn't the committee profiles!
Nice try J but it's only me
what the fuck are them posts about?
So rude Colm. When a post had ?? in it, that's a flag for a library the site uses and was replacing it with jQuery111305894696414470673_1443356899754. I forgot to clean up after fixing it...
i was just wondering!!:P
Yahoo! Found it!
By we, I mean me and Hannah 😄
why is it so empty in here..
Because the site is so well made?
Robin, you're too kind 😄

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