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  • rolleyes
  • redface
  • surprised
  • neutral
  • confused
  • frown
  • sad
  • cry
  • mad
  • evil
  • absolutely bleedin twisted
  • a boy who's sad because he has red hair
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  • arrow
  • question
  • exclaim
  • idea
  • The best smiley ever
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  • Purple razz
  • Purple evil
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  • Purple confused
  • Purple sad
  • Purple surprised
  • Purple mad
  • Purple heart
  • Purple star
  • The best smiley ever in purple
  • Flappers
  • Me
  • Bosco
  • Ofrog
  • Ofox
  • Cake
  • Tim
  • Hearttim
  • Why dont you love us vincent
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiilarious

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In honour of pride ....

What did one lesbian Vampire say to the other?
My pad or yours?
No daddy!
Getting far too close to the 24 hour mark these days 😂
The danger makes it more exciting
Some people in Russia have to fight Scandinavian wolves for breakfast
They don't have time for your fucking gender fluidity issues!
Just watched the snapchat story. I'm thoroughly impressed with everyones new moves, fair play UCDTC!!!
Miss you J! 💔
Can't wait for another couple months when a whole new set of freshers are better than me without trying..
I see people are starting to get lazy with the forum now that it's summer.. COME ON PEOPLE, WHERE IS YOUR DRIVE TO KEEP THE STREAK ALIVE?!
I could use a good streak in this heat
I was enjoying robins pics every time the timer got too close to zero
I'm surprised you haven't streaked thus far Michael #LickMyNippleCJ
This is a 91 year old gymnast. There's hope for you yet Glasgow
Anyone else sunburned? 👹
Yes, but only on one side of my face. not sure if that's good or bad tho.
What is this 'sunburn' you speak of?
Setting up our trampolines is awkward enough.

Do you have a timer or something for when the forum almost reaches 0?
It's usually the second tab I have open.
I kissed a girl and I liked it
Welcome to the world new ACL 🎉🏥
Hmm, must be a glitch in the forum, Cecilia's name is showing up as Della 🤔
Living for the bop tonight ❤❤🌈🌈👅👅
There's a few of us going to give blood in the clinic on D'olier street at about 5:30 if anyone's interested in coming! 👍🏻
Cecilia I can see your vagina
Hey Tramps,

Doing a summer clean in my wardrobe, I literally have 3x UCD coach tshirts and 2x UCD coach hoodies floating around, I'd be much happier to know someone could get some use of them rather than them wasting away in my wardrobe, the same goes to my leotards, if anyone would like to take anything off my hands give me a shout.

It's fair to say I won't be making a comeback to trampolining after this year, but you may catch flinging myself off a vault or some bars for a bitta craic in the future to chill out from all this running and triathlon jazz!

Much love,
Hannah xx
If you're offloading leos, I have a few kids that would love them! But be no harm in trying to sell a few of the newer ones ;)
Sure isn't all the triathlon running really just prep for a reaaaaally long vault run up?
❤ ❤
I take a leotard but it has to be at least 50% sparkle
...And have a gum shield 😜
Ah wonderful Fiona, I'll give you a message 😄 hahaha yes there's actually one here still with a price tag!

Sure you'll see me at Tokyo 2020 yet 😉 ❤

Cian you can have the silver and pink one, it's just pure sparkle xo
Can you imagine if he wore it, he would most likely burst it in a shower of sparkles everywhere
Unreal thanks Hannah. Glasgow my mam literally insisted I started wearing a gum shield when I try anything difficult. I think Ill start wearing my football helmet 😂
What a wonderful thought dylan 😍 Cian, I'm serious, it's all yours, would literally love to see you wear it 😂
Aideen to Michael
Touch her with you gamer finger
Few pints and a trip to O'Reillys Friday night? 🍻
A few of us are heading out to the George on Friday for the first night of Pride, all welcome!
Do you need any actual pride to go to that? If so can I get the loan of some.
If I had opened my mouth it would've gone in