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Trampoline Fitness

We admit that trampolining has it's up's and downs but contrary to popular belief trampolining doesn't just involve bouncing around.


Fitness and core strength play a huge role in trampolining.

Remember when you were young bouncing on your trampoline with your friends seeing who could bounce higher and daring each other to try to do cool new tricks? That is a big part of what goes on in the club and you would not believe how much fun it is. You just have to be prepared for being unexpectedly exhausted afterwards.

If you haven't had enough exercise after 4 hours of bouncing a week, don't worry. You can expect lots of body conditioning in our squad sessions. This can include anything from push ups to sprints to learning how to handstand! Talk to Head Coach Cecilia or Assistant Head Coach Killian at our regular trainings for more info.

Cardiovascular fitness is also quite important, so running / jogging is very helpful. But don't worry, we can make even the biggest couch potato into a fitness junkie in no time! Working out on a trampoline can improve your coordination and agility and since your musculoskeletal system will be under slight stress, trampolining promotes stronger bones.

This is the sport for you if you want to work out in a fun, sociable, casual way, and our qualified coaches will be glad to take you from your first bounce to your first somersault and beyond! One on one coaching means you'll progress at your own rate, and within a few sessions you'll feel your fitness and strength greatly improving. Keep on eye on the forum for extra training and conditioning sessions!

Flying some more

Social Side

A sports club would be a sports club without it's social side and boy do we have a social side! We've got it all. From the nights out, weekends away and parties to bowling, competitions, and a ball. We do it all with shtyle...well most of us do anyways!


With two training sessions a week, Tuesday 8-10 and Thursday 5-7, you'll make it from your very first bounce to your first somersault, to infinity and beyond before you know it. All with the help of our experienced and enthusiastic coaches! The airtrack and trampette love making appearances too and are always great craic!


We'd like to say these are quiet, calm nights where everybody has a delightful evening,  heads home and turns in early feeling content with the evenings events. But we'd be lying to you. And lies make baby Jesus cry.

Freshers Night - Our first big night as a club. We treat all our members, both new and old, to a night they won't forget or will never remember..depending on how much fun you have! We're so nice we throw you a party to get you ready for the amazing year to come in the social side of trampolining. Following quickly on its tail is...

Tramp Night - We rent a fancy location in town, shut it down to the public, granting entrance to only ourselves and our fellow tramps and trampettes from Trinity, DCU and Maynooth. Craziness and fun ensues!

But it doesn't stop there! With games night, refreshers nights and the occasional trips to the Clubhouse and more set for the year, you're in for a jam packed year of banter filled events!

At some stage in these nights, you might see handstands, back-flip races and human pyramids. Also possibly an ambulance.


Again we meet up with Trinity DCU and Maynooth, pile onto buses and set sail for the distant land of CAVAN and its green, green hills of indiscretion. We rent out a big sports centre in the middle of nowhere, unload 4 trampolines, air track, trampette, copious amounts of food and drink and ourselves for 3 days and basically bounce and party. Visits to the pumpkin festival are also common whilst there. It has to be seen to be believed! Known as our 'Intensive Training Weekend', this is the highlight of many a tramps year. Whether you take it as an intensive training for your trampolining skills or liver... the choice is yours. Make sure you sign up!

Competition Weekends

Intervarsities, SSTO, ISTO, Colours, Regionals, Nationals, In-house and mini-comps. If you manage to hit them all you're either heading to the Olympics or AA. The best part is that at every competition, there is an official night out. Or two. Or three. Or four..you get the picture!  These nights out are huge events, specially arranged for us trampolinists. Location is always somewhere interesting, and the nights are guaranteed to have special themes and games meaning it's always exciting, eventful and very, very crazy. Would we want it any other way?

Look out for the Scotland trip which includes our habitual trips to the diving boards and pools and amazing nights out. Not to be forgotten is the ISTO weekend which is so spectacular, it has won Event of the Year awards in UCD.


We are probably the most active club online. This site is regularly updated with information, photos and other entertaining things like reports from trips away. That, alongside our Facebook page, ensures you will never miss out on an important announcement. Our forum deserves a special mention of its own as it is rare a day goes by without an interesting post by one of our members. Mainly due to the fear of what will happen if 24 hours do pass....you've been warned.

If that's not enough, we've got Ask a Tramp who will update you with all the burning questions you have and pops by to dish the dirt! No one is safe..


At the end of the year in the summer we've got the BBQ of all BBQs, the OMGWTFBYOBBBQB! The day generally starts off with a bit of food and then anything follows. And we mean anything. In the past there have been inflatables, slip and slide, beer pong, go karts, saunas, swims in the lake, even the Gardaí! You cannot miss this event!!

Check out previous committees:
17/18 16/17 15/16 14/15 13/14 12/13 11/12 10/11 09/10 08/09 07/08

Captain: Michael

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

After spending the year as our SEXretary, this boy showed us all why he deserved to be the greatest captain we have all seen so get ready to witness all his spectacular moments boys and girls. He's the kind of guy that has an extreme attention to detail and will ensure that we're all running as a well oiled club. He'll be running this club like he runs his kitchen when he is making dinner, following the ingredients to a T while ensuring everyone else is getting a good giggle out of it.
Michael is always ready to devote any amount of time to a member to help them out with whatever issue they are concerned with and even on top of that ensuring all is being done with a fun attitude and a nice big smile!
On top of all these traits making Michael one of the friendliest people you will meet he's also fairly smart (tad bit tooooo much), a pro at all nerd things and yes that includes tv shows, movies and games. Talk about a catch right?
He knits. Marry him.

Although he claims that he doesn't plan on creating a dictatorship with all his power, we all got a little wary when we got wind of the fact that Michael plans on taking German this semester. But don't let this scare you kids, sure he's only a harmless Wexford boy. He loves his little heeled boots that wreck the ears of his surrounding company and if anyone tampers with his precious "sesh playlist", well he would just have a BF! The only way to soothe a raging Michael is to allow him to garnish some cakes. If you mess with his drink, he probably won't notice, he's usually always past the point of no return of drunk. When the sesh eventually ends, he'd much prefer to position himself folded up in a collapsible lawn chair, than in a bed. He's Michael, almost too gay to function.


Alias: Princess Consuela
Level: Advanced
Fun fact: Might seem like a bitch but that's only because he is a bitch.
Course: Third Year Medicine

Head Coach: Cecilia

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

We imported our token Italian all the way in from Italy (shocker) with the intentions of her whipping us all into shape by constantly drilling our form to ensure we aren't loose like a piece of pasghetti. As well as an excellent work ethic, she makes a mean pot of pasta. You'll find it hard to find someone who is more dedicated and passionate about this sport than this girl. She literally lives and breathes this sport, any question or interest you have about trampolining she will give you all the details you need... and then wayyyyyyyyyyyy more! Cecilia is an extremely positive coach and will push you to achieve the best you can. The only obstacles we face are the ones we make for ourselves, and Cecilia will help you to tackle those obstacles HEAD on. She has big plans for the year ahead and will have us all in tip top shape... whether we like it or not.

  1. Trampolines
  2. Champagne
  3. Dick(s)
  4. Lists
  5. Showers
  6. Pasta
  7. Braids
  8. Lists
  9. Poached Eggs
  10. Talented Child Gymnasts
  11. Showers x4
  12. Child Adoption
  13. "Exotic" Men
  14. Al Dente Vegetables
  15. Lenghtening her course just to stay in trampoline
  16. Hand Gestures
  17. Being LOUD
  18. Lists


Alias: "Head" Coach
Level: Interadvanced
Favourite move: *hand gestures*
Fun fact: Has a list for every aspect of her life. Every Aspect.
Course: Arts - English & Sociology

Assistant Head Coach: Killian

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Our assistant head coach Killian will be doing his absolute best to carry this club to victory... Soon to be followed by himself getting carried home. From the get go, Killian was interested in the coaching aspect of this sport, always on hand to give a little coaching advice and offering a unique perspective before progressing on to get his level 1 as a trampoline coach. You are in safe hands with this ass head. If you have a skill you're stuck on, Killian will cater to your coaching needs so you can hit that skill on the head. Not literally, Jesus.
Killian has truly taken the concept of social drinking and run with it (all the way to the hostel door before he gets dragged back to bed). Our ass head is always a friendly face to see at training and is more than willing to help you out on the trampoline (because he seriously loves trampolines). Killian is an example of how determination and drive can make you excel in any sport.
Killian was also too 'humble' to send me a nice photo of himself, so I happily took the piss out of him instead.

Having spent the last semester without him, the club members had almost regained their confidence in their trampoline ability. Killian isn't afraid to tell you you suck at trampoline! A key quality in the assistant head coach position (so Cecilia can restrain him when he gets too bold... literally). If Killian hasn't dropped the fact that he spent a semester in China then he is probably too busy dreaming about Dwayne. Rather than steal valuable Chinese secrets of trampoline coaching that could help catapult us to new heights (ha), we're pretty sure that all Killian did while he was away was just drink the country's entire supply of alcohol and forget six months. Honestly, you just can't count on anyone anymore... Killian claims to be passionate about coaching for the sake of coaching, but we all know it's just because hand-spotting someone helps him fill the crushing loneliness inside him. Don't worry Killian, we're sure that Mrs. Right is just around the next bottle of vodka, keep searching!


Alias: Chairman Meow Meow
Level: Elite
Favourite move: "I think you have a few too many clothes on"
Fun fact: Spent the last year studying the Olympians of China
Course: Final Year Computer Science :'(

Secretary: Keith

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Keith spent two years ensuring that our members got as drunk as they possibly could on every night out, and then when he finally sobered up, he decided he wanted some more responsibility (they grow up so fast). Now holding the mantle of Secretary, this former ENTs Officer has all the qualities that are needed: approachable (maybe a bit too much), chatty, and always willing to lend a helping hand if you need it. Keith will use all of his ENTs experience to make the club the most welcoming environment it can be for our incoming freshers. Most Improved Person from last year, Keith's skills go beyond being social. A hard worker on the trampoline, his routines are always solid (as long as there are no straddles), and he loves to be around to support our competitors. Always there to lend an ear (he loves the goss xx), this secretary is a good one to have around we guess. He makes a shit cup of tea.

Thinks everyone wants him....but really he's just a hoe. Talking to Keith can be difficult sometimes, because every time you open your mouth he tries to shift you, but we've found that as long as you're wearing a mask or he's wearing a muzzle (not that unlikely), he's actually capable of decent conversation. Keith likes to sound intellectual by telling everyone about his internship, with his HELA cells and his Western blots, but don't be fooled, simply ask him any question that a five year old child would know, and this boy is stumped. Seems like common knowledge is a precious commodity in Cavan, and they had none to spare for our poor Secretary. But that's alright, who needs to know who the President is when you're 15 drinks in and can't say your own name anyway? Keith has had more shots than you've had hot dinners, and that was just at Fresher's night in first year.
A keen team player, Keith works best in groups of three, four, even five! He loves teamwork so much, he's fallen both up and down a stairs in his rush to "get down to business". Luckily, with great inebriation comes great pain tolerance, so nothing keeps him from hitting that climax deadline!


Alias: Father Chastity
Level: Elite
Favourite move: Waiting till Marriage
Fun fact: Is always on his knees.... praying.
Course: Final Year Science ("Medical" Microbiology)

Treasurer: Máire

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Our Monaghan gal ventured deep into the heart of Dublin's fair city and somehow managed to do nothing but strive. Máire will be that cheerful girl giving you a holla every now and then hoping you've brought the expected money to her (plz and thanks xox). And if you don't, expect a cap in yo ass. Máire's gangsta roots come out in her when prompted. Her gang back home is essentially all 75 of her cousins.
Being the treasurer is essentially being the Iron Bank and there is no one we could trust more with funding our wars than this Queen, just remember to bend the knee when paying ;) Máire has a strong attendance at all events and will be guaranteed to be one of your loudest supporters (bonus of a megaphone) all while ensuring you're having the best time of your life!
This law degree of hers shows her mind is nice and sharp, what more could we ask from our Treasurer? Being a bit of craic? Well EVEN better she's got that covered!

There's only one other thing Máire loves even more than she loves money... Love handles. Long ago in a far away land known as The Northside, Máire was found crying her eyes out, much to the dismay of everyone seshing around her. It was pretty difficult to decipher why she was crying, between the sobs for breath and the Monaghan accent. But as it turns out, our Treasurer was sick and tired of being single. She hadn't felt the warming embrace of another human being in an embarrassingly long time. When would this single pringle ready to flamingle ever find love, that special someone who would feed her chinese food and ride her like there was no tomorrow? This all changed at her 21st birthday. Close to the clock striking midnight, Máire was being classy as ever downing Grey Goose on the table tops when there he was... love handles swinging sweet from side to side, slapping her in the face like many fish had done before. Máire, experiencing love at first flabby sight, ran up to him and uttered "asfokjadflnfiqMonaghanlsnfowkeshiftwqflkme..." but before she could finish, he placed his fish finger softly upon her lips, tucked her into his love handles like a kangaroo with their young, and they flew off into the sunset together... fin


Alias: Keith's Wife (Twice Removed)
Level: Intermediate
Favourite Move: Shift me
Fun fact: Please?
Course: Third Year Law

Comps Officer: Aideen

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

When the sun is rising and the you can hear the light melodic chirping of the birds during the early hours of a competition, who's going to drag you kicking and screaming out of bed to get you pumped and competition ready? DIS BISH. Aideen is a kind soul who is always bursting with excitement and giggles on competition day, and it's hella contagious. I know what you're thinking, "wait a minute, gingers don't have souls?", but this girl will make you think otherwise as she has a serious amount of club spirit in her, that's kind of a soul, right? You will not find anyone more competitive than this Comps Officer. Seriously, she's known for throwing tantrums and fists during games of Just Dance, and swear to god they are not her dance moves. Don't even get us started about Mario Kart... With three years of competition experience behind her, be sure to get in touch with Aideen for any competition queeries.

You might think Aideen "it's not a phase mom" O'Dowd is unfriendly when you first meet her, but truthfully, she's just the most awkward person on earth. Like, seriously. Aideen has literally run away from situations she thinks are awkward, because she doesn't know how to act like a normal person or something. If you want an idea of just how awkward Aideen is, ask her to explain any sex act (pegging is her fave). Aideen has lots of love to give, having mastered every position in the Kama Sutra.... If only she had somebody to try them with (applications online, must be over 5'8" and male, no other standards apply). Treasurer and Comps Officer might not seem to work closely, but our two gals share more than just a room. If one of them gets lucky, they both do (sharing is caring).

Alias: Deeno
Level: Advanced
Favourite move: The Funky Chicken
Course: Final Year Science (Pharmacology)

ENTs: Nicole

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

This girl has spent five years of her life dedicated to this club a.k.a. She old AF. Being one of the oldest members in the club has its perks though as she has already been a part of the committee twice before and on one of these occasions she was ENTs Officer. The year 14/15 was one of the littest years in this club's social history, so we had to bring her back one last time to do it all over again.. But even better! She will train you in the ways of Sesh Fu, for example.. Crouching tiger, hidden cougar. One of the friendliest faces in the club, she will make you feel like you're a part of the tramp fam instantly. Just don't get too close on a night out... cougar coley be on the prowl.

People often say that with age comes wisdom and responsibility. We don't think Nicole got that memo. At the ripe old age of [redacted], this girl still knows how to work hard, but party even harder. Well-known in the past for her antics with vodka-filled super soakers, she will guarantee that your trampoline nights out are the most memorable ever! Shame you won't remember any of them in the morning though... Not to worry, Nicole dual-wields a drink and her phone, recording all of the shameful, shameful things she's made you do all in the name of the sesh, and then when the night is done, she makes a lovely collage video to display it to the world. Because it's not like you needed your dignity anyway. Getting on a bit in years, Nicole is really happy that no matter how old she gets, freshers stay the same age, and our ENTs Officer will welcome them with open arms and open legs, no matter where they may be (watch out in bathrooms, she lurks there to pounce).


Alias: Shmiggy MaGee
Level: Advanced
Favourite move: Hitting the menopause HARD
Fun fact: You don't know it yet, but she will probably shift you.
Course: Graduate of Zoology

PRO: Andy

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Being the only fresher on the committee can be pretty daunting... But not for our dearest Andrew, who is taking on the role of PRO by the horns and getting stuck in to everything committee related. Our resident architect has a wealth of experience in art and graphic design, ensuring our club gear continues looking fly AF #vogue. If you're having trouble finding him at training, that's probably because his phone is constantly covering his face as he's making sure the club social media is LIT. Andy is one of the sweetest members on committee (you're all pricks) and he will even give you the thrice in a lifetime opportunity to slap him in the face... and he'll apologise for it. If you want to get insta famous, get in this lad's good books.

Andy's like a fine bottle of rosé... bubbly, good taste, and fruity AF. He seems cute and innocent at first, but get a few drinks into him (2 probably #lightweight) and his kinky side comes out. Ask anyone who was at Andy's first Cavan trip, this boy loves a good slap, literally begging for it when drunk. But hey, no shame in this club Andy, you do you! Just try and keep that stuff to the bedroom/changing room/alleyway. A messy drunk, Andy lives the white gurl wasted lifestyle (ask Aideen if her legs are clean yet), but if you're not crying, getting sick, and passing out, did you really have a good time? Andy is super health-conscious, he always makes sure that he's getting enough fluid, sometimes dropping everything to go get a "bottle of water" at 3am. Weird how the only place he could find it was behind a chip shop in Edinburgh, but that just shows his dedication to quenching the "thirst".


Alias: Water Bender
Level: Intermediate
Favourite move: Slap Me
Fun fact: Can apologise in over 30 languages.
Course: 2nd Year Architecture.

Webmaster: Oisín

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Oisín is one of a Kynd... (booooo). This year's webmaster has already accomplished a lot with the return of the punishment photos on the forum. Yes sometimes it doesn't work and you'll see him cursing on the forum, but nobody is perfect... except for Oisín of course. It's not all glitz and glam for this model as he, like every other average joe, has real life problems... it can be super hard being so really really ridiculously good looking! Oisín is now adulting after four long LONG hard years of studying computer science, so for Oisín this position will be a piece of 3.14... why is this one so punny?

The only thing bigger than Oisín's smile is his massive...... ego. It's nice to have confidence though, especially when you dance like an 80 year old epileptic man, and and are a legendarily bad shift. In fairness, it can't be easy for him with that lisp pulling his tongue off-centre. Oisín seems like a real man's man, and by that we mean gayer than Neil Patrick Harris riding a rainbow. Given his strong love for High School Musical (he knows all the dances... seriously), Westlife, and the songs from Frozen, it was quite the shock to us all when he turned out to be actually straight (apart from that one time with Keith, but then who hasn't?), so if you're confused about who Oisín is, just keep an eye out for the super camp superstar belting out Let It Go at the top of his lungs (not just deaf in one ear, but also tone deaf, what Oisín lacks in singing ability he makes up for in volume). Ah but we have to be nice to our poor Webmaster. Ever since Mayo got beaten (again) in the All Ireland Final, Oisín's been feeling a little down... we think. Oisín lives up to his comp sci roots by being totally robotic, with less emotion than a pet rock. We guess beauty really is skin deep.


Alias: José
Level: Elite
Favourite Move: Double front tuck to dislocated jaw.
Fun fact: Has broken as many hymens as springs.
Course: Graduate of Computer Science


Feast your eyes on our collection of qualified, complex, attractive, incorruptible, cordial, coherent, colourful, comfortable, coy, coquettish, clean, clever, chesty, chaste, captivating, casually capable coaches. Don't they look magnificent?

Adam Doyle

Name: Adam Doyle
Course: Engineering
Level: 2

So good that Rathdrum are constantly trying to pry him from our grasp

Aideen O'Dowd

Name: Aideen O'Dowd
Course: Science
Level: 1

This girl is a fighter - not only because she is from Limerick but also a black belt in Karate.

Andy Robinson

Name: Andy Robinson
Course: Architecture
Level: 1


Becca Dwyer

Name: Becca Dwyer
Course: Graduated Nurse
Level: 1


Cecilia Saba

Name: Cecilia Saba
Course: Arts
Level: 1

This girl has mafia connections. I wouldn't cross her or you'll have a horse's head in your bed

Cian Lawlor

Name: Cian Lawlor
Course: Engineering
Level: 1

Broken more springs than the rest of the club combined, he'll have you bouncing high and scoring higher.

Clare McAleavey

Name: Clare McAleavey
Course: Arts
Level: 1

You'll be treated to some wonderful evil eyes the second you make a mistake

Colm Galligan

Name: Colm Galligan
Course: Engineering
Level: 2

With the Chinese dominance of this sport we figure there is no better man(child)

Conor Spain

Name: Conor Spain
Course: Comp Sci
Level: 1

Gym coach extraordinaire. Will make your WAG routines as good as his...

David Glasgow

Name: David Glasgow
Course: Failing Miserably
Level: 2

Started trampolining before the freshers turned 10. This old man will get the best out of you

Della McGuiness

Name: Della McGuiness
Course: Engineering
Level: 1


Dwayne McCaffery

Name: Dwayne McCaffery
Course: Engineering
Level: 1

He's the definition of hard work, focus and modesty. He'll have you doing what he does

Dylan Boon

Name: Dylan Boon
Course: Science
Level: 1

Don't be put off by his sass. He is just judging your every move and shortcomings

Emily Farrell

Name: Emily Farrell
Course: Physio
Level: 1

Draws inspiration from the US Olympians. Will expect the same level of commitment

Fiona Browne

Name: Fiona Browne
Course: Arts
Level: 1

Will show you how to beat your competitors, and then how to knock them out

Fiona Gough

Name: Fiona Gough
Course: Vet Med
Level: 1

Will use her fluent Polish to give a different aspect to our sessions. And then neck some vodka

Grainne Lohan

Name: Grainne Lohan
Course: Vet Nursing
Level: 1

Everything is so upside down on the Northside, she prefers to spend her time handstanding.

John Byrne

Name: John Byrne
Course: PhD Business
Level: 1

He'll put the fear of god into you. But when he's not on the trampoline he will coach you

Jordan Dockery

Name: Jordan Dockery
Course: Science
Level: 2

He literally always wins Gold, trust me you'll be fine

Killian Davis

Name: Killian Davis
Course: Comp Sci
Level: 1

With his teacher-like tendencies, he will make you TOE the line

Marianne Quirke Bolt

Name: Marianne Quirke Bolt
Course: Nursing
Level: 1

This girl has represented Ireland internationally. I don't think more needs to be said

Michael McNamara

Name: Michael McNamara
Course: Medicine
Level: 1


Nicole Tianihad

Name: Nicole Tianihad
Course: Science
Level: 1

As Assistant Head Coach, you can't go wrong. She'll condition your legs to some quality twerking

Orla Coleman

Name: Orla Coleman
Course: Physio
Level: 1

An ex-ballerina, with toes so pointy you could set your watch to them.

Paul Clarke

Name: Paul Clarke
Course: Science
Level: 1

He puts every bit of his body into this club.

Paul Connolly

Name: Paul Connolly
Course: Engineering
Level: 1

Slyly changes everything on the website to reflect well on him

Pauric Dooley

Name: Pauric Dooley
Course: Teacher
Level: 2

Has set up 3 trampoline clubs. If his coaching career was a person it would be in transition year in school.

Robin Twist

Name: Robin Twist
Course: Ninja
Level: 2

Our resident martial artist. Will ensure your moves are done with strength and precision

Rosie Boland

Name: Rosie Boland
Course: Nursing Graduate
Level: 1

She loves to let it go! Let it go!

Sabha Joyce

Name: Sabha Joyce
Course: Medicine
Level: 2

Her coaching life pre dates her college life. This Dominos employee will deliver you to winning ways

Tara Collins

Name: Tara Collins
Course: Arts
Level: 1