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Trampoline Fitness

We admit that trampolining has it's up's and downs but contrary to popular belief trampolining doesn't just involve bouncing around.


Fitness and core strength play a huge role in trampolining.

Remember when you were young bouncing on your trampoline with your friends seeing who could bounce higher and daring each other to try to do cool new tricks? That is a big part of what goes on in the club and you would not believe how much fun it is. You just have to be prepared for being unexpectedly exhausted afterwards.

If you haven't had enough exercise after 4 hours of bouncing a week, don't worry. You can expect lots of body conditioning in our squad sessions. This can include anything from push ups to sprints to learning how to handstand! Talk to Head Coach Colm or Assistant Head Coach Nicole at our regular trainings for more info.

Cardiovascular fitness is also quite important, so running / jogging is very helpful. But don't worry, we can make even the biggest couch potato into a fitness junkie in no time! Working out on a trampoline can improve your coordination and agility and since your musculoskeletal system will be under slight stress, trampolining promotes stronger bones.

This is the sport for you if you want to work out in a fun, sociable, casual way, and our qualified coaches will be glad to take you from your first bounce to your first somersault and beyond! One on one coaching means you'll progress at your own rate, and within a few sessions you'll feel your fitness and strength greatly improving. Keep on eye on the forum for extra training and conditioning sessions!

Flying some more

Social Side

A sports club would be a sports club without it's social side and boy do we have a social side! We've got it all. From the nights out, weekends away and parties to bowling, competitions, and a ball. We do it all with shtyle...well most of us do anyways!


With two training sessions a week, Tuesday 8-10 and Thursday 5-7, you'll make it from your very first bounce to your first somersault, to infinity and beyond before you know it. All with the help of our experienced and enthusiastic coaches! The airtrack and trampette love making appearances too and are always great craic!


We'd like to say these are quiet, calm nights where everybody has a delightful evening,  heads home and turns in early feeling content with the evenings events. But we'd be lying to you. And lies make baby Jesus cry.

Freshers Night - Our first big night as a club. We treat all our members, both new and old, to a night they won't forget or will never remember..depending on how much fun you have! We're so nice we throw you a party to get you ready for the amazing year to come in the social side of trampolining. Following quickly on its tail is...

Tramp Night - We rent a fancy location in town, shut it down to the public, granting entrance to only ourselves and our fellow tramps and trampettes from Trinity, DCU and Maynooth. Craziness and fun ensues!

But it doesn't stop there! With games night, refreshers nights and the occasional trips to the Clubhouse and more set for the year, you're in for a jam packed year of banter filled events!

At some stage in these nights, you might see handstands, back-flip races and human pyramids. Also possibly an ambulance.


Again we meet up with Trinity DCU and Maynooth, pile onto buses and set sail for the distant land of CAVAN and its green, green hills of indiscretion. We rent out a big sports centre in the middle of nowhere, unload 4 trampolines, air track, trampette, copious amounts of food and drink and ourselves for 3 days and basically bounce and party. Visits to the pumpkin festival are also common whilst there. It has to be seen to be believed! Known as our 'Intensive Training Weekend', this is the highlight of many a tramps year. Whether you take it as an intensive training for your trampolining skills or liver... the choice is yours. Make sure you sign up!

Competition Weekends

Intervarsities, SSTO, ISTO, Colours, Regionals, Nationals, In-house and mini-comps. If you manage to hit them all you're either heading to the Olympics or AA. The best part is that at every competition, there is an official night out. Or two. Or three. Or four..you get the picture!  These nights out are huge events, specially arranged for us trampolinists. Location is always somewhere interesting, and the nights are guaranteed to have special themes and games meaning it's always exciting, eventful and very, very crazy. Would we want it any other way?

Look out for the Scotland trip which includes our habitual trips to the diving boards and pools and amazing nights out. Not to be forgotten is the ISTO weekend which is so spectacular, it has won Event of the Year awards in UCD.


We are probably the most active club online. This site is regularly updated with information, photos and other entertaining things like reports from trips away. That, alongside our Facebook page, ensures you will never miss out on an important announcement. Our forum deserves a special mention of its own as it is rare a day goes by without an interesting post by one of our members. Mainly due to the fear of what will happen if 24 hours do pass....you've been warned.

If that's not enough, we've got Ask a Tramp who will update you with all the burning questions you have and pops by to dish the dirt! No one is safe..


At the end of the year in the summer we've got the BBQ of all BBQs, the OMGWTFBYOBBBQB! The day generally starts off with a bit of food and then anything follows. And we mean anything. In the past there have been inflatables, slip and slide, beer pong, go karts, saunas, swims in the lake, even the Gardaí! You cannot miss this event!!

Check out previous committees:
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Captain: Colm

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

After manning the fort as Head Coach on last year's committee, Colm obviously decided he wanted more power and ran for Captain. While having the relevant experience to run the club at an even higher role this year, Colm is continuing to be the world's cheeriest person, always with a smiley, friendly face.
Whether it's helping the club win competitions, doing his role on committee or giving a hand before training, Colm is one of the most helpful people in the club. Rumour has it he's made entirely of tea bags. True or not, you're always welcome around his for a cuppa and a chat. As long as you bring the biscuits.
An all round talented fella, his other skills include guitar, piano, making tea, and watching 6 seasons of any show in under 2 hours. His immense ability to work TV references into real life is seconded only by his tremendous fear of stamps.

Having laid the framework last year as head coach, Colm is now ready to enact his 1000 Year Galligan Dynasty. Not to be confused with the Ming Dynasty, he actually wants to get something done. His main goal is to finally learn how to drink (and not turn into a real life model of the Motherlands flag).
One of our most improved members, Colm is a testament to how far you can get with hard work. To be fair, it's not hard to improve on kind of falling, forgetting what move you were on, and then running away in your first routine.
Colm likes to use how much he 'loves and cares' for the club as an excuse and insists he failed college on purpose to stick around, but we all know it was because there are no trampolines in Monaghan. He also failed because, in his own words "Statistics are hard, man." No they aren't. Jason passed.


Alias: Kim Jong Un
Level: Elite
Fun fact: Has only one testicle (that doesn't make him less of a man. In fact, it makes him more of a man)

Head Coach: Glasgow

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

While generations of tramps have come and gone throughout the years, Glasgow's dedication to the club is heavily clung on to. (Year number 8 but who's counting?). After managing the website last year as webmaster, Glasgow decided to obtain more power over the club by taking over as Head Coach from Colm, (Power Pair here). As such, there's nobody more suited to lead us on a clean sweep of wins this year.
This is Glasgow's fifth stint on committee and his fourth different position, but we believe Head Coach is his true calling. One of the finest coaches around, he'll have you better than Dwayne thinks he is.
In the two hours of the day Glasgow isn't obsessing over trampolining, he pretends to work for the IRFU, slowly infiltrating it to gain knowledge and bring us straight to the top of the Tramp-chain.

It's an undocumented (but totally true) fact that Glasgow was actually around at the birth of trampolining as a sport. Unfortunately, his advanced age means that he's too weak to bounce (definitely nothing to do with the broken leg #GetOverIt), but he's always around for you to ask for help. Just be prepared for him to laugh at your pathetic attempt at a somersault, then tell you to reeeeeach up more.
Don't be fooled by his friendly demeanor, his favourite company has, and always will be himself. So rich, he gave away his father's spare yacht for a place to be named after him. An absolutely selfless man, he took a couple of years out after to college to get paid to do charity work. Some people believe the world is round, some people believe it's flat. Glasgow believes the world doesn't exist outside of Dublin.
If you be very quiet and listen very closely, it is said you can hear Glasgow talk about trampolining from anywhere in the world. Fun fact, he was once banned from discussing anything trampoline related when in a nightclub.


Alias: David(?)
Level: Pre-novice/Prehistoric
Favourite move: Screenshotting your fug-ass take off/inflating Dwayne's ego
Fun fact: Claims to have done comp sci. But everyone knows computers weren't even invented when he was in college
Course: Dinosaur Comp Sci

Assistant Head Coach: Paul

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

When Paul joined the club he was awkward and quiet. Well, nothing much has changed, except Paul won us all over with his Labrador puppy charms and utter enthusiasm to become Ass Head this year! Like a real labrador he can cheer you up if you're feeling down with his highly infectious laugh.
Don't be fooled by the cute and friendly face though, this former Olympic weightlifter is whooping our butts into the gym to shape us all up for competitions this year, we got a rep to maintain and so many reps to do.
Making a splash onto the college competition scene in his first year, Paul managed to medal and contribute to the shield scores at competitions. So who better to coach you than someone who's been there, done that, and won the medal.

It is a well known fact that the only thing bigger than Paul's heart is his massive ego. Self proclaimed "prettiest boy in the world" ahead of Tom Hardy & Zac Efron and also "best person in the world" - this kid does self-love and self-hype like no one else. Well, maybe except for Kanye.
Similar to Kanye, Paul is releasing his own line of muscle t-shirts, that make you look as good as Paul thinks he does. Another similarity, Paul likes to plod around with a blank expression on his face. Basically, he's a ginger Kanye, but with less talent and more trampolines.
Desperate for friends, Paul made a group chat of every ginger he knows, hoping that some would empathize with his situation (Any gingers may apply for membership to Paul directly). The position of AssHead will suit Paul perfectly. He gets to learn the best tips and tricks in how to love himself and make sure that everyone knows it from his mentor, Glasgow.


Alias: The Puppy
Level: Intermediate
Favourite move: Airplane
Fun fact: Once had a career in shuffling in the top floor of multi-storey car parks
Course: 2nd Year Science

Secretary: Michael

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Hard working and as intelligent as they come, it's no wonder Michael was chosen to be the secretary, the workhorse of the committee. This man has his head screwed on and trains very hard, improving massively from last year and has flourished on the trampoline. One of our top competitors and medalist last year, he's one to watch out for. Losing is not in his vocabulary.
Always great fun on nights out he always manages to get in some shape or form of trouble. According to him though, there is literally no situation that can't be diffused with a dance. He is witty and sarcastic but don't let that fool you as he's actually very friendly and will always do his best to help you out when he can.
A linguist of the finest standard, he knows words. He has the best words. Emails will be a breeze for him to write, might be a little harder for us to understand though. Michael could tell you he loves you in 5 different languages. He just chooses not to.

Michael's role this year as secretary is perfect for him. He's organised, smart, efficient...he's German! As a Med student, Michael constantly uses his course as an excuse for his crippling heroin addiction, claiming that it's practice for placing an IV.
Michael loves the session, and getting so drunk that the ability to stand and walk is no longer a priority. Pfft, who needs to walk when you can reel off Ulysses backwards in piglatin like it's no man's business.
Michael was absolutely thrilled to be elected to committee this year, or really annoyed, or really indifferent, we couldn't exactly tell. He doesn't like to give much away. I tried to find some linguist jokes online, but it turns out they aren't very funny people. Or maybe the jokes just didn't translate well.
People like to call him Michael Flatley because of how much he loves to dance, but we all know it's because his legs flail about as if independent from his body when he's on a trampoline.


Alias: Kinder Kid
Level: Intermediate
Favourite move: Crash Dive
Fun fact: Can recite the Nuremberg Rallies by heart
Course: Medicine

Treasurer: Becca

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Unsatisfied with how much work she gets in the hospital on placement minding the sick, our final year nurse has decided to take care of the club's money, as well as our injuries, even though she's got enough of her own to deal with. With tons of experience and her head screwed well on, we thought there'd be nobody better for the job.
A keen horse person, or equestrienne as they liked to be called (thanks wikipedia) Becca has transferred many of the skills from this to trampolining. Such as falling, getting back up, and falling again. But to be fair Becca has been great on a trampoline (in between injuries) and has been steadily improving over the last couple of years.
Having never missed a competition, competing or not, Becca is always there to cheer on her team mates, and cause a bit of craic too. One of the friendliest people in the club (and not just cos you're giving her money), like the Rembrandts, ?She'll be there for you?.

Power hunger and responsibility for money aren't usually things you should be trying to combine, but we decided we'd give Becca the benefit of the doubt. Once Master of Coin for the Democratic Republic of Cork, surely it'll be okay, right? Just make sure you get your money in on time, because you don't want to see this girl's angry side (rumour has it, she once broke a man's nose so badly, his friends call him Voldemort now).
Held together almost entirely by kinesiology tape, seeing her bounce prompts two questions. Is that Tutankhamun, and why is Tutankhamun on a trampoline, surely that's the worst place for him. Usually people have a career interrupted by injuries, Becca has an injury interrupted by career.
Being from a horsey background, Becca loves the ride. Literally, she'll jump through hoops and over fences to get it. Some say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but I say neigh, it's all this horsing around.


Alias: Baby got back (pains)
Level: Intermediate
Fun fact: Is Cork hospital's #1 patient, has her own trolley there
Course: Final year Nursing

Comps Officer: Heather

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Our gal Heather came to us from DIT to the better side of the world that is UCD to join the wonderful club that is UCD Trampoline Club, (and maybe the PhD had something to do with but pfft). Our littlest member is about as tall as our trampolines but can sure throw some serious moves when she's bouncing.
A former Rathdrumian, her experience has came in super handy already, helping with anything she can. Having attended many competitions before, she has an in-depth knowledge of how they work from the inside. She's as easily spotted for her awesomeness while bouncing, as she is missed for her smallestness while not bouncing. (Wow two height jokes in the first two paragraphs, come on guys grow up).
Off the trampoline she's done plenty of charity work, recently cycling to Electric Picnic, how selfless of you Heather! Following from last year, we've elected a small, quiet Comps officer. All signs so far shows that she's more than capable of the job.

Some people say that good things come in small packages. These people have never met Heather.
Heather is so good at quitting smoking that she's done it at least 5 times now, what a record! To be fair, it is pretty tough (or so we've been told, we're all elite athletes after all) but practice makes perfect.
Heather's mad for rolling joints, her ankle we mean. But hey what's a committee member without at least one serious injury.
The second of three engineers on our committee, and the only one to have not failed a year so far (hey now she's only done one year). Very secretive about what her PHD actually entails, we can only conclude that she's making Russian submarines in the tunnels of UCD. Rumour has it you can hear her Cruella De Vil cackle from anywhere on campus.
One tidbit of advice, don't take her water.


Alias: Smurf in undergrad
Level: Intervacnced
Favourite move: Seat to front
Fun fact: Was in a galtee rasher ad
Course: Ph. D in... STEM things

ENTs: Keith

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Our resident Cavan man is back for more this year. Keith ran uncontested to be re-elected as ENTS officer just because he did such a damn good job at getting everybody good and drunk last year. He sure knows how to start the party.
Improving steadily all along, Keith is now one of our best competitors, throwing his routines as well as he can throw back shots.
Being ENTs takes a special person, it doesn't just entail getting drunk. Well okay, that's most of it, but it also requires a lot of organisational skills while being that drunk. Keith is so dedicated to being ENTs officer, he ran around for an entire weekend on a dodgy ankle and proved his worth by sacrificing a limb for us all.
At the back if it all, Keith really is a sweetheart, and will do his best to solve any problem he's faced with. As long as it can be solved from the bar.

Due to drinking more alcohol than was thought to be possible last year, Keith actually forgot that he was last year's ENTS officer, and ran for it again because he thought it'd be a great way to shift freshers welcome new members into the club. When he's not covered in hickeys, he's trying to be. Shocker that there's still blood even circulating to his head.
On a life-long mission to show the entire world how good of a shift he is, don't be too chuffed with yourself if he starts chatting you up. Keith is like a freight ship. He calls to plenty of ports each night, and drops off plenty of loads. Oh yeah, and he's full of seamen.
Not to be out-done by anyone else in his homeland, Keith popped up on the Friday night to inform us all that 4 am is far too early for the lights to be off and the music to be stopped in the hall. After trying to organize a coup of some sorts, unfortunately calmer heads prevailed and the lights remained off, but that didn't stop him trotting around making a scene.


Alias: Sir Shiftsalot
Level: Intervanced
Favourite move: Dancing on a broken ankle
Fun fact: Can't ride a bike, swim, boil a kettle or tie his own shoe laces
Course: 3rd Year Science (Microbiology)

PRO: Emily

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Having snapped, instagrammed, and facebooked our club through the entire year last year, Emily decided she wasn't ready to hand over the hashtagging to someone else, and returned to us as this year's PRO. Armed with her phone, you'll see her stalking around training taking cute candids of our members both on and off the trampolines, along with enough selfies to keep the club snapchat story running for the next 3 years #FiltersGalore.
As a final year physio, Emily also spends quite a bit of our training time checking out people's backs, knees and other body parts, as well as taping up half the club with kinesiology tape. It's an art form as she says herself.
To be fair to her, the club's social media has never been going better, and the likes are climbing by the day. She's doing her part to make sure we #GetMotivated and get our daily #hashtag dosage.

Emily wanted to be on this year's committee again with the same role as PRO, just to ensure adequate hashtags were used on the club Facebook and Instagram posts and no one else was taking that hashtag title from her. It would've taken a brave person to try and pry those passwords off her.
Some say the stereotype for the standard white-girl was formed off of Emily, others just say she's a pioneer in the industry. All we know is her blood is 80% frappuccinos and she takes 5 times more selfies than was thought to be humanly possible (no seriously, snapchat are doing a documentary on her).
Coming in as a younger sibling of an older member, Emily has done well to not ride on her coattails and make a name for herself. Unfortunately, this image contained more blubbering and snorting than we expected.


Alias: "The other one"
Level: Intervanced
Favourite move: Airplane to screams
Fun fact: Hasn't cried yet this year (goals)
Course: Final year physio

Webmaster: Jason

Nice Photo Nasty Photo

Another Longford lad was taken onto committee this year. Must be something in the air up there. Jason won everyone over with his charming ginger hair and mostly making people tea, living with Colm and all that.
Any compliment to Jason's skills on a trampoline would be a pretty condescending gesture, but we'll have to try. His hard work last year really paid off, as it seen him progress on from pre-novice (where he was the only competitor) to novice, eventually coming 6th (from 8) at the Dublin Open. Way to go Jason!
Outside of trampolining, Jason has been known to every so often play a small bit of music. You'll more than likely see him and his band at one or more tramp events this year. Once a keen GAA dual star, he has left that life behind him for a few bounces.
One of the nerdier (he says, with pride) individuals in the club, we thought he would be well suited to the role of webmaster. He can code and he owns a fancy keyboard that only he can use, that's good enough in our books.

How did another gingineer make it on committee? (No, seriously?). Jason managed to win the role of webmaster after spending literally no time on a trampoline and just coming along for fun. We're still convinced Mick just wanted to be on committee again this year, so went in under a different alias. No one knows exactly where Drumlish is anyways, (Longford apparently?) but we figure since it sounds made up, it probably is. Jason's also in a band, did you know?
The least photogenic person in human history, there are numerous photos of his drunk tramp nights spread across the internet. It's okay though, there's only one camera in Longford so he doesn't get caught out that often.
It's been mentioned once or twice already, but did you know he's in a band? If you didn't it's okay, he'll tell you within the first three sentences he speaks to you, or it's all over his Facebook page, and he carries around a guitar as a conversation starter. But, like, he's in a band! Who doesn't want to hear that told to them every ten seconds.


Alias: Mick
Level: What's a trampoline?
Fun fact: Is in a Declan Nerney country music video, but screw you guys if you think you're finding out which one.
Course: every year of Engineering


Feast your eyes on our collection of qualified, complex, attractive, incorruptible, cordial, coherent, colourful, comfortable, coy, coquettish, clean, clever, chesty, chaste, captivating, casually capable coaches. Don't they look magnificent?

Adam Doyle

Name: Adam Doyle
Course: Engineering
Level: 2

So good that Rathdrum are constantly trying to pry him from our grasp

Aideen O'Dowd

Name: Aideen O'Dowd
Course: Science
Level: 1

This girl is a fighter - not only because she is from Limerick but also a black belt in Karate.

Andy Robinson

Name: Andy Robinson
Course: Architecture
Level: 1


Becca Dwyer

Name: Becca Dwyer
Course: Graduated Nurse
Level: 1


Cecilia Saba

Name: Cecilia Saba
Course: Arts
Level: 1

This girl has mafia connections. I wouldn't cross her or you'll have a horse's head in your bed

Cian Lawlor

Name: Cian Lawlor
Course: Engineering
Level: 1

Broken more springs than the rest of the club combined, he'll have you bouncing high and scoring higher.

Clare McAleavey

Name: Clare McAleavey
Course: Arts
Level: 1

You'll be treated to some wonderful evil eyes the second you make a mistake

Colm Galligan

Name: Colm Galligan
Course: Engineering
Level: 2

With the Chinese dominance of this sport we figure there is no better man(child)

Conor Spain

Name: Conor Spain
Course: Comp Sci
Level: 1

Gym coach extraordinaire. Will make your WAG routines as good as his...

David Glasgow

Name: David Glasgow
Course: Failing Miserably
Level: 2

Started trampolining before the freshers turned 10. This old man will get the best out of you

Della McGuiness

Name: Della McGuiness
Course: Engineering
Level: 1


Dwayne McCaffery

Name: Dwayne McCaffery
Course: Engineering
Level: 1

He's the definition of hard work, focus and modesty. He'll have you doing what he does

Dylan Boon

Name: Dylan Boon
Course: Science
Level: 1

Don't be put off by his sass. He is just judging your every move and shortcomings

Emily Farrell

Name: Emily Farrell
Course: Physio
Level: 1

Draws inspiration from the US Olympians. Will expect the same level of commitment

Fiona Browne

Name: Fiona Browne
Course: Arts
Level: 1

Will show you how to beat your competitors, and then how to knock them out

Fiona Gough

Name: Fiona Gough
Course: Vet Med
Level: 1

Will use her fluent Polish to give a different aspect to our sessions. And then neck some vodka

Grainne Lohan

Name: Grainne Lohan
Course: Vet Nursing
Level: 1

Everything is so upside down on the Northside, she prefers to spend her time handstanding.

John Byrne

Name: John Byrne
Course: PhD Business
Level: 1

He'll put the fear of god into you. But when he's not on the trampoline he will coach you

Jordan Dockery

Name: Jordan Dockery
Course: Science
Level: 2

He literally always wins Gold, trust me you'll be fine

Killian Davis

Name: Killian Davis
Course: Comp Sci
Level: 1

With his teacher-like tendencies, he will make you TOE the line

Marianne Quirke Bolt

Name: Marianne Quirke Bolt
Course: Nursing
Level: 1

This girl has represented Ireland internationally. I don't think more needs to be said

Michael McNamara

Name: Michael McNamara
Course: Medicine
Level: 1


Nicole Tianihad

Name: Nicole Tianihad
Course: Science
Level: 1

As Assistant Head Coach, you can't go wrong. She'll condition your legs to some quality twerking

Orla Coleman

Name: Orla Coleman
Course: Physio
Level: 1

An ex-ballerina, with toes so pointy you could set your watch to them.

Paul Clarke

Name: Paul Clarke
Course: Science
Level: 1

He puts every bit of his body into this club.

Paul Connolly

Name: Paul Connolly
Course: Engineering
Level: 1

Slyly changes everything on the website to reflect well on him

Pauric Dooley

Name: Pauric Dooley
Course: Teacher
Level: 2

Has set up 3 trampoline clubs. If his coaching career was a person it would be in transition year in school.

Robin Twist

Name: Robin Twist
Course: Ninja
Level: 2

Our resident martial artist. Will ensure your moves are done with strength and precision

Rosie Boland

Name: Rosie Boland
Course: Nursing Graduate
Level: 1

She loves to let it go! Let it go!

Sabha Joyce

Name: Sabha Joyce
Course: Medicine
Level: 2

Her coaching life pre dates her college life. This Dominos employee will deliver you to winning ways

Tara Collins

Name: Tara Collins
Course: Arts
Level: 1